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Jerven Bag Primaloft 170g

Jerven Bag Primaloft 170g

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On the coldest days, only the best is good enough. The Jerven Bag Primaloft 170g has the most insulation of all our bags, and can withstand temperatures down to several minus degrees. Use it as a poncho, sleeping bag, sleeping bag cover, wind sack, tarp or as a one-man tent.



Textile: Aluminium-coated polyester
Size: 102x220 cm as a wind sack
Weight: Approx 2000 grams
Insulation: 170g/m2 Primaloft padding
Camouflage: Mountain camouflage, winter camouflage, forest camouflage or orange
Supplied with: Armings, Rescue flag and compression bag (orange comes in a pillow bag)
Warranty: 10 years


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