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Jerven Bag Primaloft 60g

Jerven Bag Primaloft 60g

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Jerven Bag Primaloft 60g is 100% waterproof and windproof, padded with 60g Primaloft. With two-way divisible zips, it offers many possibilities of use, it is almost only the imagination that sets the limits.

Wind sack, poncho, gap hook, tent, tarp or cover over a sleeping bag are just a few examples of what Jervenbag can be used for.

Comes in several different sizes:

Mini:  94x186 cm,  1,3 kg
Thermo:  143x143 cm, 1,3 kg
Hunter:  102x222 cm, 1,5 kg
King Size:  143x222 cm, 1,9 kg

Comes with compression bag, arm covers and rescue flag. The Orange Jerven Bags comes with a pillow bag


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